Friday, October 14, 2011

Movie Quote of the week

Life's this game of inches... the margin for error is so small. [O]ne half  step too late or too early and you don't quite make it. One half second too slow, too fast and you don't quite catch it. The inches we need are everywhere around us. They're in every break of the game, every minute, every second. On this team we fight for that inch. On this team we tear ourselves and everyone else around us to pieces for that inch. We claw our fingernails for that inch. Because we know when you add up all those inches, that's gonna make the fucking difference between winning and losing!  Between living and dying! I'll tell you this, in any fight it's the guy whose willing to die whose gonna win that inch. And I know, if I'm gonna have any life anymore it's because I'm still willing to fight and die for that inch, because that's what living is, the six inches in front of your face.

Tony D'Amato in 'Any Given Sunday'

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