Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Is that what you really want?

I've noticed that when it comes to balancing time I struggle. When I put a lot of effort into my music, I write less posts and study less. This isn't what this post is about:

Last week I was in the United States (courtesy of Blackberry) and to say that experience was life changing would be the understatement of the century. No words can describe the experience. On my flight to the US, I felt like God was giving me the opportunity to get a taste of what's to come. This won't be my last visit to the US. On my plane ride to the US, everything just felt right. It's what I've always wanted. 3 weeks prior to my US visit, I was sitting watching TV (I rarely watch TV) and I was watching the music channel trying to learn some performance tips and tricks from the professionals, when I received the email.

Every night, I stay awake till the early hours of the night sometimes going days without sleep just trying to get better at my craft because this is what I really want.  I'm no different to anyone else out there trying to really figure out how to get what we want. We all want something which ultimately leads to our happiness. Sometimes in life you have to make some tough choices that will propel you forward and lead you closer to your goals. When we take too long moving forward, I believe we're forced to move forward by things beyond our control: loss of job, relationship breakdown etc etc. We fight the change however, and see these things as negative occurrences in our lives, but the truth is every so called negative event is just a stepping stone to success and a higher calling. Sometimes we stare so long at the closed door that we miss all the other doors around us that keep opening.

At this point in time you are exactly where you want to be in your life and your actions are proof. You have been given the ability to change your circumstances at any given moment. Yes it will be hard, you'll be broken down until you have nothing left. That's the reality, it's better to prepare yourself for it now rather than live with the fantasy that life is a fairytale, it isn't. It doesn't have to be, for you to be happy.

Your thoughts and your words influence where life takes you. All the greatest minds that ever existed have argued about countless things but there is one thing that they all agree on and that is that you literally become what you think about. In fact even the bible in Mark 9:23 states "Everything is possible to he who believes". So, knowing what you know, that you have the power to live a life of your choosing why are you still just existing instead of living the life of your choosing. Is that what you really want?