Sunday, November 21, 2010

Current Facebook status: 20th November

If I were 2 choose between being broke & working as a garbage collector - See U next tuesday 7am when I'm on the job. no joke. I'm gonna crawl, scratch, bite, walk, fight my way to the big moneys. Pride to the side now let's ride. 

p.s. I really mean it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Post-Show Update

So last night we opened for Bone Thugs & Harmony and Juice McCain (BWS). This was the best show I have had by far. Juice was real cool I don't know whether he watched our set, but whilst we were backstage he offered to have us on stage with him. In his words 'This is your home city, so get on stage with me and hold it down for the A (Adelaide)' - Or something along those lines. It was real dope though.

We (Thee Immaculate) started drinking Grey Goose earlier in the day, hit the club and we started drinking Hennesey then finished the night off with Vodka - so it's safe to say today's hangover represents one hell of a night. The Bone Thugs & Harmony set was too ill as well.

Backstage with Juice McCain right before his set

The highlight of the night however was the kind of love I was getting from my Adelaide people, both new and old  supporters. I ended up signing a whole lot of t-shirts, I didn't even know what to write :/ - Question: What do I write? I hadn't expected any of this I ended up just putting my Twitter name  @TheOnlyNeo and signed Thee Immaculate under it.

What was crazier was that a lot of people kept telling me, to my surprise, that they were actually there to watch Thee Immaculate.

I do realize however that events such as this have the potential to cause individuals to get big headed by letting the hype get to their heads. Not me though, check out my permanent Reverbnation status:

'Humble till the finish'

This is the moment when we made the crowd give a moment's silence for our late homie SLY

Oh yeah another thing, we actually dedicated our set to our lost homie - SLY - R.I.P.

Tomorrow is not promised to anyone so make the most of your todays ya'll.