Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivation Monday

So on Friday 27January 2012 I went to see one of my idols Kanye West perform LIVE at the Sydney Entertainment Center. I've been a fan of 'Ye since his debut album the College Drop Out. I was back in South Africa at the time but had always dreamed about one day seeing Kanye. Eight years later I saw him in the flesh and although I strive to always stay motivated, seeing 'YE reignited my passion and made my motivation sky rocket. He might be a nobody to you but he's an extraordinary human being in my eyes.

'Set your goals as high possible' - Kanye West (27.01. 12)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Beer Budget Living, Champagne Lifestyle Dreaming

Rolls Royce Phantom -  Year of the Dragon Edition
Price Tag: $1.2 million

Henschke - Hill of Grace (wine)
Price Tag: $599
World's Most Expensive Bed by Parnian
Price Tag: $38k
Rolex Milgauss
Price Tag: N/A

BMW - X6 - 2013 Edition
Price Tag: N/A

The Bouyant Kid: The Power of Persistence

Who would Oprah, Jay Z, Eminem, you name them, be without their past struggles? We see them living success and think they got it freshly baked from a success store, forgetting that they too were as young as you and I. They sought out of their circumstances not because it was easy, but because they BELIEVED in themselves. 

They didn’t reach their calibre by pleasing every one, they did what they had to and kept working on their craft. Yes, they met failure along the way but they knew better than to let it take refuge over their dreams and aspirations. Excuses did not get them where they are today, actions did because they valued today more than they did tomorrow. [Y]ou owe it to yourself to love, respect and believe in yourself enough to put in all the effort required to make things happen while in pursuit of your success. It’s easy to want success, I mean who doesn’t? Wanting it is not enough , it can never be. So don’t let your struggles turn off your dreams and aspirations. Be true to you and as Dory from Finding Nemo put it, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming” be it at the shallow or deep end. 

The Buoyant Kid ;)

Fitness Fridays

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sole Searching

Giuseppe Zanotti Women's
Fashion Sneaker

Vans Classic
Chucka Boot

Beer Budget Living, Champagne Lifestyle Dreaming

The Scorpion by Ronn Motors
Eco Friendly Supercar
Price Tag: $175k

Drake's LA Bachelor Pad
Price Tag: $9 million (for sale)
$45k a month (renting)

Ladoga Imperial Collection Vodka
Faberge-style cover
Price Tag: $8k
Scuderia Ferrari Headphones
Price Tag: $750

BMW - Vision Connected Drive
Price Tag: N/A

Sunday, January 22, 2012

What We Can Learn from Pink & the Brain

If you know Pinky and the Brain, then you know that they KEEP TRYING to take over the world EVERYNIGHT. Although they fail before the end of each episode, Brain always comes up with a different plan to achieve their world domination aspiration for each episode. They live a trial and error lifestyle in pursuit of succeeding, so why can’t we do the same? Well, our societies see failure as a shameful thing so when we do we think about what people are going to say/think about us, we also torture ourselves with solution-less questions like “what if?” We need to realise that sometimes we need to lose to find a new perspective for how we are going to achieve success.

In sport, when a team loses a match, they go back to the drawing board to evaluate themselves and to find a way forward. The only thing that keeps each team going is that they are willing to KEEP TRYING, and they know they wont always get it right, but either way they don’t let failure get in the way of how they play their matches.

A star is still a star even if it’s hidden by darkness due to distance. We are here now so why can’t we open our door to success before we meet our unpredictable end? Why should we continue to be the spectators of other people’s achievements when we can join them? Why must the next persons views be the slow poison that keeps us from working towards our dreams? Why doesn’t failure mean, just keep pushing than sit down in shame? Well… I don’t know about you but I would rather struggle working towards my success than struggle because of people’s views/opinions as well as the fear of failing. I am here now, so I will only stop trying when I find myself in a casket, until then, I will strive to live success.

Words from the Buoyant Kid

Monday, January 16, 2012

Beer Budget Living, Champagne Lifestyle Dreaming

Ascari A10
Price Tag: $650k
Beats by Dre x Oscar De La Renta
Price Tag: $695
Acura NSX Concept
Price Tag: N/A
Christopher Claret
Luxury Adagio Watch
Price Tag: $330k
Limited Edition Vivienne Westwood Chivas Regal 18
Price Tag: $495

Noble M600
Price Tag: $306k

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Buoyant Kid on New Year

Life is not based on years, as much as we hope the next year turns out better. Yes we may be approaching another 365 days of more trials and tribulations, but we cant invest our hope in a year when we have not given it reason to be any better than our present one. I for one do not believe in new year’s resolutions, as not only are they cliché, but they are a two minute hype, so five minutes later they are forgotten. I believe in setting resolutions when one is ready for the commitment required to maintain them. That weight you've been trying to wish away, that hit song you’ve never bothered to record because you believe in tomorrow and not now and what about that degree that you have no interest in but you feel stuck in because you aren’t following dream, it wont happen during the two minutes you are enthusiastic on making it happen just because you feel it should be one of your New Years resolutions.

I mean, can’t hope that that will all disappear in the next year if you have not begun making changes today. We can never go wrong with EFFORT; I mean whom do we expect to make our resolutions take effect? It certainly can’t be that New Year we are looking forward to, can it? So unless New Year is a person and has his/her own resolutions, they business is has nothing to do with our own. In closing, lets stop this wishful thinking that comes with a new year, every year. Nothing will change unless a miracle happens or you put EFFORT in to make all your resolutions and dreams happen. This world gives us oxygen to inhale, we cant expect it to fund and run our dreams and aspirations, come on! So as we head towards a new year, lets go into it with no expectations from it, but expectations of what we have the potential of bringing to it with our EFFORT and COMMITMENT in turning it into the year we first encounter our own great potential as we live success like its free. 

The Buoyant Kid

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motivation Monday

How to achieve your dreams:

Sole Searching

For the Fellas:
Ann Demeulemeester
High Top Buckle Strap Sneakers
Spring/Summer 2012
For the Ladies
Dsquared2 Boot

For the Fellas:
Maison Martin Margiela
Gold Leather Mirror Sneakers

Beer Budget Living, Champagne Lifestyle Dreaming

Hennessey HP twin Turbo - Grand Cherokee
Price Tag: $235k

7000 square ft  10 room Manhattan apartment
Price Tag: $88 million
Louis Vuitton backpack Spring/Summer 12'

Gresso Grand Premier
Price Tag: $50k

Faralli & Mazzanti: Evantra
Price Tag: N/A