Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fitness Friday

As promised I have started a new section of the blog: Fitness Friday. I will be posting pictures to motivate both male and female readers interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through exercise and balanced diets. I will occasionally add a personal perspective.

Why fitness Friday?

For years I struggled with the appearance of my body. As a person with a relatively small build I had parts of my body extending outwardly hahaha (I laugh now cos I don't look like that anymore *hits the dougie then the tolatsa* I was always under pressure to look a certain way especially as a dude(alpha male mentality).  I'm not gonna front and act like I was cool with my body when on the inside I was pissed off because I didn't look how I felt I should look. So I took it upon myself to make some changes. Through regular exercise and well maintained diet I was able to shed 5 kilograms (11 pounds) in 7 days and keep it off. I also got rid of my belly fat, potbelly, beer belly or whatever you wanna call it.

I am not a fitness guru but I realized that through personal experience I can help some of my readers, who are interested in losing weight or maintaining their body weight.

I'm not saying you can't eat whatever you want but if you want to change your body you gotta change your lifestyle and moderate your portions.

All pictures are not mine and have been obtained from the web/public domain. If you want credit for your pictures let me know and I'll credit accordingly.

Fitness Friday Chapter 1: Verse 1

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