Friday, February 1, 2013

The Come Back

You know, moving to a big city is overwhelming. I had never seen so many people in one setting in my life. I was born in Welkom, South Africa which is like the Adelaide of South Africa i.e. A small city where people go to retire or start their lives before moving to the big smoke. Sydney to me is the New York of Australia, albeit smaller in comparison to New York city it's still the concrete jungle where dreams are made of....(Can I live?)

I remember, before coming to Sydney, I had successfully stayed off alcohol  for  9 months (Not that I have a problem I just had fitness goals to reach). I had also successfully been running every single day for 300+ days, I slept no more than 4 hours a day and I had already started planning my pre-album "The Outlier". Looking back at the amount of drinks I turned down; nights I stayed in and rainy days I ran on, in pursuit of my fitness and mental goals I'm proud of myself for sticking to something right till the end.

The problem began when I started to conform. I began behaving like everyone else and forgot the big goals I had been chasing for so long. I turned my back on my God given dreams and started doing things for the sake of it, instead of doing them with a purpose or goal in mind.

This blog used to offer me an outlet, to express just how bad I was willing to succeed, all the articles that were not necessarily written by me, kept me going.

The Philosophy or Motto is and always will be, "Obsessed with Success" i.e. The idea that the desire to attain success in every part of my life is so strong that I'm willing to put myself under immense pressure every day, 24 hours a day until I become the poster child of success for my generation in the 21st Century.

I've always lived life with a purpose, there's nothing more fulfilling than living a life where you know exactly where you want to go. I had a set back, but the great thing is that God has already planned my come back.

I've never said to anyone, "This is my year!" because I've never really felt that way about any year. 2013 is different. This is the year of OWS. The team is ready, I am ready:

OWS 2013

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