Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Buoyant Kid on New Year

Life is not based on years, as much as we hope the next year turns out better. Yes we may be approaching another 365 days of more trials and tribulations, but we cant invest our hope in a year when we have not given it reason to be any better than our present one. I for one do not believe in new year’s resolutions, as not only are they cliché, but they are a two minute hype, so five minutes later they are forgotten. I believe in setting resolutions when one is ready for the commitment required to maintain them. That weight you've been trying to wish away, that hit song you’ve never bothered to record because you believe in tomorrow and not now and what about that degree that you have no interest in but you feel stuck in because you aren’t following dream, it wont happen during the two minutes you are enthusiastic on making it happen just because you feel it should be one of your New Years resolutions.

I mean, can’t hope that that will all disappear in the next year if you have not begun making changes today. We can never go wrong with EFFORT; I mean whom do we expect to make our resolutions take effect? It certainly can’t be that New Year we are looking forward to, can it? So unless New Year is a person and has his/her own resolutions, they business is has nothing to do with our own. In closing, lets stop this wishful thinking that comes with a new year, every year. Nothing will change unless a miracle happens or you put EFFORT in to make all your resolutions and dreams happen. This world gives us oxygen to inhale, we cant expect it to fund and run our dreams and aspirations, come on! So as we head towards a new year, lets go into it with no expectations from it, but expectations of what we have the potential of bringing to it with our EFFORT and COMMITMENT in turning it into the year we first encounter our own great potential as we live success like its free. 

The Buoyant Kid

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