Monday, January 2, 2012

The Buoyant Kid on Distractions

Imagine how great life would be if the only thing that made us high was achieving, and being an addict meant being time conscious, living successfully. We have so much irrelevance in our lives; I mean social networks being one. We can update our statuses but we aren’t updating our lives, its amazing how wrong our priorities are. Quoting a man like the late Steve Jobs because his words make sense in the present, but not enough for us to question ourselves to find the relevance of his word and how we can then apply our findings to the dreams and aspirations we have not attended to yet. 

We can dream big yet we give priority to irrelevance that prevents us from doing big. Until we acknowledge the irrelevant things that are leeching on us, we are at war with our eyes closed. In closing, if you not in prison, at a hospital or chronically ill at home or six feet under you are more than able to do something about those dreams and aspirations. From TODAY, tomorrow will be for your progression and results so DON’T PROCRASTINATE! The hangovers and the cloud nines may be great for the moment but a waste of time to a dream worth pursuing. 

Yes, you only live once and you want to have fun, but if that fun is time based and living Success is not. See once you reach your destination, comfort is a compliment from all the hard work. That comfort means time is just a measurement and not a determinant of how you live your life. That’s where we want to be because we only live once.

From the Buoyant Kid.

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