Monday, December 12, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

You can’t be trapped by fear. Limits like fears they‘re illusions disregard them. If you’re passionate about it and you go full throttle there’s no doubt you’re gonna be good at it. Because what makes someone good at something? It’s dedication hard work and it’s doing it with the proper direction and methodology. But what makes someone a professional at something? It’s the concept of taking that little idea, that little decision you make and executing it to take it as far as your imagination holds, dedicating every breath in your body to that single cause. Seeing the grand picture at the end of the road to be the absolute best and not settling for any reason. 

It’s not talent, it’s not innate ability, it simply comes down to how hungry you are? How hungry are you to improve? How big is your appetite for success? What are you willing to do to reach your dreams? The professionals the best at their craft they don’t care about the naysayers they don’t care about the fun they're foregoing they don’t take days off. They are 100% set in their ways in perfecting their craft because its all for a much larger purpose than any semblance of happiness that immediate gratification provides.

Reaching your goal... well that’s just pure bliss.

Spoken by: Anonymous

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