Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Buoyant Kid: High Standards

It’s easy to have high standards but it’s hard to have them maintained whenever we run into a situation that seems too great. [Think of a] coffee bean. It can be thrown in hot or cold water and no matter how extreme the temperature, it dissolves and its flavour remains just as good. We need to adapt to all the situations we face and remain in our “goodness”. Failure may not be an option, but it can be a challenge.

No challenge should let us lose sight of who we are and leave our dreams pending for all the tomorrows we never seem to get to. Age shouldn’t be an excuse since; there are people who can mentor us closer to us being the dream catchers we are meant to be. Maybe Jay Z is not a realistic figure to have as a mentor, but he can be a source of inspiration. There are other people living their dreams at different magnitudes who may be able to guide you in your pursuit of dream catching. In closing, we are not our failures and mistakes, we are our perseverance and determination.

Tomorrow should be left for results and not for the work, today is worth the effort. Excuses are insults to the dreams that can bring us GENUINE happiness. Don’t let yourself live a life of missed dreams and regrets. Take charge and be the driver of the, 'strive for lived dreams' vehicle because it will never break down and leave you in the land of missed opportunities. We often hear how opportunities may come once in a lifetime, making your dreams is one of your greatest opportunities that life gives you the chance to pursue.

From the Buoyant Kid

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