Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Buoyant Kid: Eliminating Laziness

This world is made up of more people who aren’t happy with where they are in their lives, than those who are. In a perfect world, we would all be living the lives we’ve dreamt and aspired to live, but who would be the bank tellers, waiters and cleaners…? 

Circumstances (usually finances and validation) may be the greatest barriers that people face when they are in pursuit of being the dream catches they have the potential to be. Another side to this would be priorities. You want a promotion/recognition but you aren’t doing anything about improving your skills/qualifications. Whilst you complain about how you somehow deserve better. There are people who study part time or practice more often. Being oblivious to how hard other people are working towards building their staircase to reach their dreams, you remain merely as a witness to their hard work paying off. In closing, don’t be a victim of your circumstances, be the conqueror. 

Laziness has never and will never pay off. Success doesn’t come from complaining about the situation you are in so reduce the negativity and set your priorities straight. No one can make you as happy as you can, so you have to step up or shut up, don’t spread negativity. So when you find yourself unhappy in the position you are in, stop the complaining and get to the planning. 
From the Buoyant Kid.

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