Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Never Forget

I remember receiving an email from a good friend of mine I went to high school (St Dominic's College in Welkom, South Africa) with his name is Theo, a really wise brother. We had been emailing back and forth and I had started to look to him as a mentor getting all sorts of advice and just having the opportunity to pick his brain from overseas. Oh daaamn this is crazy!!! (I'm not gonna edit this because all my posts are conversational anyway but,)  I just checked my email and I haven't heard from Theo in quite a while and I just received an email from him RIGHT NOW!! lol crazy huh?? Call it what you wanna call it...

Anyway all his emails had a profound effect on me. I still re-read some of them till this day. The thoughts and ideas in those emails are just timeless. I want to share one particular theme that was constant in all his emails and that was the idea that regardless of what happens, Life is Good and we thank God that it will get better. He touched on the fact that it's easy to be humble when things aren't going so well.... 

My gifts, talents I regard as seeds planted by Him which are meant to be shared and to benefit others... My purpose is becoming bigger than I am, it's not about me anymore, I used to think it was...

I'm grateful that I am still standing but by the grace of God...

Please enjoy the video below:

The song is by David Crowder
Title: Glory of it all.
Video: Travis Corey (an artist not evolved but touched by God)

P.S. Always stay true to yourself.

(damn I got a lump in my throat)

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