Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fitness Friday

Firstly I apologize, I realize that there are some of you who read this blog regularly and this week I forgot to update fitness Friday on time.  *awkward* hmmm um okay let's get into it then. We'll call it Strength Saturdays lol nuh it's still Fitness Friday but on a Saturday morning.

Personal Perspective: This week I reached a personal milestone on Wednesday 24th October 2011. It was the 100th day!!! where I take a jog on a daily basis!! So 100 days continuously every single day whether it rained, stormed, hailed I laced up and took a jog because I want to reach my goal as bad as I would wanna breath if someone held me under water (Video reference). It feels unreal that I got this far, but I'm still very far from my goal. I'm not on a diet I've decided to make this my lifestyle, living healthy that is. 

In case you were wondering how I did it, I got some help along the way. Every single day I'd read motivational posters to remind me why I need to take a run today. Below I've shared some of these posters:

The first one is my favorite and I used it on Wednesday. Sometimes when we reach a  goal we feel like we deserve a reward. So after I completed a 5km run on Wednesday, I rewarded by body with an extra 5km run
Exercise has never been the enemy.

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