Monday, September 19, 2011

Motivation Monday

Today is the beginning of the new weekly edition of Motivation Monday where I'll be uploading motivational videos for all readers. Last week I received an email from a reader who said she felt marginalized reading my blog because she did not aspire to be a millionaire, and felt that my blog was only dedicated to people who want to be rich. All she wants is a comfortable lifestyle. I understand and respect this and what I need to emphasize is that the blog is dedicated to individuals seeking motivation to reach their full potential in whatever field. If you browse some of my articles you will see that something as 'little' as completing an assignment is a goal which, I argue, should be taken seriously because it instills discipline. It teaches you how to finish what you started and work to the best of your ability within a certain time limit. Point is that if you explore the blog a bit more you will see that I have tried my best to generalize when talking about achieving your goals. I still welcome all feedback on how I can improve the blog and thank you all in advance for the visits and encouraging comments.

The first video is a good way to start this 'Motivation Monday' series. 

Success... what is it to you?

*I do not own this video: Property of D.Respect

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