Sunday, July 31, 2011

Endurance: A Lesson in refusing to quit

Extraordinary people that are looked up to and sometimes idolized arguably share one common trait: Endurance. It is often said that the path to success is long and winding with unending twists and turns along the way. If this statement is to be considered then an individual must be equipped with an infinite amount of endurance to reach their final destination: success.

Endurance is not accepting 'No' for a final answer, but using your vision, ability, courage and determination to keep attempting to turn a potentially negative outcome into a positive result. Most people crumble when faced with pain, temporary defeat or humiliation. They use this as an excuse to quit. Remember however, YOU CANNOT FAIL until you quit (Russell Simmons).

  • Nelson Mandela - 27 years imprisonment
  • Thomas Edison - 10 000 failed attempts 
  • Michael Jordan - cut from his High School basketball team
  • Colonel Sanders - KFC recipe rejected 1009 times before a restaurant accepted it
  • Oprah Winfrey - Fired from station because she was 'unfit for tv'
  • Oscar Pistorious - born without bones below the knee
  • Bruce Lee - Continuously turned down by directors and had such a severe back injury he was told he would never be able to practice martial arts again

The above mentioned individuals went on to make history because they refused to quit in the face of adversity. Oftentimes when we are faced with a difficult situation we take the easy way out, we quit because it's more bearable and comforting. We forget our vision and the reason why we kept fighting till this far. Here's a little motivation:

In fact pain is simply weakness leaving the body.

Next time you think about quitting a degree, a career choice, a job, remind yourself why you have come this far. Endure the pain and never quit.  Trying to fulfill your life's purpose and your dream is gonna be challenging. Along the way It's gonna hurt, it's gonna burn, it could reduce you to tears, it's gonna frustrate you at times, it could even come close to killing you but always remember tears and sweat are both salty but one gets you sympathy and the other gets you results.

Don't stop holding on, endure the pain and keep the dream alive, your heart and your mind will carry your body when your limbs get weak.



  1. Whoa as if the watch costs almost as much as the Bugatti. Anyway true story about endurance. Powerful stuff

  2. inspirational... i am motivated