Monday, July 11, 2011

The Difference.

What separates winners from loser? Given the same opportunities and situations why is it that some people succeed, while others barely survive? How is it that some people can go from having $0 to their names to ultimately having an abundance of wealth over a period of time? What is the secret to riches? Is there a secret to riches? A fundamental difference between rich people and poor people [not referring to the homeless etc] who want to be rich is this, poor people talk a good game, rich people play it. I am no self-help guru but I know this; while you're planning your goals, your competitors are working towards them. When you start working towards them, your competitors have already achieved them. The gap never closes it just keeps widening.

Talk Less Act More. 

When an idea comes to you or you make a conscious decision to change your life around for the better, don't spend hours, days or even years planning on how you're going to execute your plan to perfection, once the decision is made, in the famous words of the swoosh: Just Do It.

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