Monday, December 20, 2010

"When He Came, in the Game, He Made His Own Lane"

Jay-Z has gone from Marcy to Madison square, corner hustler to business executive; he has arguably become hip hop's greatest success story. He epitomizes success in hip hop and at age 41 is still setting trends in urban culture. One thing is obvious about Jay-Z when you read about him or listen to his music, that is, he predicted his own destiny. He might have had the talent to rap but his ridiculous work ethic put him way above his peers with many having witnessed his legendary trait of never writing lyrics but crafting them on the spot after hearing an instrumental. This trait, for a lot of people stands out about him in terms of being an artist. No one can do it like Jay-Z, he has cemented his spot with the greats forever.

The next generation of rappers should understand that there can only be one Jay-Z. Emulate some of his steps to success if you have to but at the end of the day you must come up with your own blueprint to success by making your own lane.

In the words of Jay-z

'“…Remind yourself. Nobody built like you, you design yourself…”

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